Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Quantum Flirts

I was walking from the subway to meet a client this morning. As I walked in the city I was thinking deeply about this client and the coaching topics we have been covering: Work/life balance, parenting, health and fitness. Then, out of the corner of my eye, my attention was drawn to this sign hanging in the window of a shop... just outside this client's office door. I smiled.

Quantum flirt!

The Center for Right Relationship (where I took a large portion of my coaches training) describes a quantum flirt as "a short-lived, transient, perceptual signal which can be used [as a dream door] to provide us with insight." When we catch these seemingly coincidental or meaningless messages, our spirits may very well be altered enough to affect significantly the choices we make in our lives. The messages we receive and the meaning we make of them can affect our realities.

These flirts are all around us disguised as billboards, noises, songs, creatures. Flirts can take any form, it's how we notice it that matters. I recall walking outside with a client as she was describing how she felt as if she was carrying the weight of the world on her back when we happened upon a stream of ants carrying food crumbs on their backs toward a hole in the ground. We stood beside this stream of ants, noticed their behavior, and made some magical meaning from what we observed for this client. Quantum flirt!

It is a challenge to notice the flirts in our days. And sometimes they are obvious, unavoidable.

Welcome the quantum flirts in your life today. What do you notice? What meaning will you make of the flirt?

[Thanks...always...to the Center for Right Relationship for the profound impact your work has made on my skills as a coach and the quality of my life.]

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What's In a Name?

Notice my logo? Well there’s a little story. I invented the logo in the third grade when I decided to run for student council treasurer at Rosedell Elementary School. “Watch your money grow with Gary Groth” I said from the stage in the outdoor amphitheater to the entire student body. My clever logo and slogan did not propel me into elementary school electoral politics success. But through the process I did notice there was something really great about wanting to serve my school.

I used the logo in a dozen other student council elections and youth leadership activities over the years, many with very successful outcomes. I became well known in school and in my community for my logo that represented growth, forward movement, change, and success. People came to believe that when I participated bigger things happened. As I grew older I learned of my unwavering integrity and enthusiasm. I was called a masterful problem solver and strategic thinker. I represented growth.

Gro(w)th became my brand.

When I began my consulting business many years ago and my coaching business recently, it was very clear to me what this business would be called and what it would be about. After all, I had been this brand for 35 years! The third grade candidate for student council treasurer has grown up and the brand recognition remains: Whether talking about strategic planning or fundraising, finding healthy work/life balance or making more skillful choices, my work is about growth, forward movement, change, and success.

What does your name say about you and your purpose?