Thursday, June 5, 2008

This Moment

My nephew is graduating from high school tonight. What an exciting event and a tremendous rite of passage. Sam, you are a star!

And what I am thinking about are the moments in our lives that point us to limitless possibility. For an individual it might be taking your first steps or graduating high school. For a couple it might be getting married or moving to a new state. For an organization it might be securing a large donation or adopting a strategic plan. There is a strong sense of power fueled by a bit of fear and uncertainty. These moments suggest the slate is empty, anything is possible. Anything can happen.

Remember a defining moment of limitless possibility. What unfolded? What was it like to be in that place? What can you take from that moment and bring forward to today’s opportunities? What’s it like to take the freshness and awe of that moment (as you recall it) and combine it with the wisdom you have today? What’s possible now?

What is the limitless possibility you have in this moment?