Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Fun!

A few months ago I was sharing a thoroughly enjoyable dinner with a group of coaches when someone asked “if you could be a superhero with any superhero power, what would it be?”

What I noticed with this group is no one had to think very hard about the superpower they wished they possessed. We each knew there was something we wished we could be or do that was waaaay beyond what we are able to do as mere mortals. Oh, the fun that ensued.

Imagine if everyone in your group or team revealed their superpower to the entire group. What could happen? How would it be to know you serve on a board with colleagues who have the power to heal disease, animate the inanimate, turn anything touched into gold, breathe underwater, shape shift, and “read” any book simply by touching its cover. These superpowers may not exist in real life but I bet that by naming what the desired superpower is, it might say something about the people with whom we share time on the board. Think about it.

Here’s a terrific website to aid your creativity. And while you are designing your superhero, mine will be out and about granting wishes to anyone who wants one.

Have a great weekend!