Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Learnings

Months ago, when my web site and blog went live, my web site designer, Sue, oriented me to the features of both and in a very coach-like manner, reassured me I had the intellect and skill to maintain the blog myself. I thought “yeah, right” before moving on to another project. The blog sat for a bit before I crossed over the technology “edge” I was perched upon. Upon crossing this edge, I learned that blogging and managing the blog came very easy for me. In fact, I am really enjoying myself!

This afternoon I was working on my blog when I ran into trouble. I was trying—repeatedly—to add two new features to the blog and it wouldn’t work! I was certain I had done this function before and was puzzled that it wasn’t working for me this time. I became more persistent in my attempt to be self reliant and not call Sue. I gave in. After an e-mail and a call, Sue rescued me.

What I noticed in my stuck place is that I knew how to execute what I was trying to do on the blog. I had done this before and I will do it again. Yet it wasn’t working. I became frustrated and couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. Inner chatter covered “you should leave this work to the professionals” and “you were just lucky last time you did this.” And I felt a certain self righteousness; I was right and the computer was wrong.

Moments later the features magically appeared on my blog. Sue had received my e-mail and with skill and ease made the changes for me. And a few moments later than that, there was an e-mail in my inbox from Sue that said “OK, first of all, you did nothing wrong. Their code was wrong. I fixed it…” I found myself patting myself on the back (I was right!) and I was grateful for my growing computer skills.

I was right (about this blogging matter) and yet, because computer literacy is a growing skill for me, I doubted my knowledge. Also, because what I was trying to do related to material that originated from a large, well resourced organization, I had to be wrong and they had to be right. They’re the experts; I’m a novice blogger who relies on his web site designer to rescue him… blah blah blah. I can do better than this!

My Friday learnings:

  • I celebrate what I know and what I am learning.
  • I like the tests that come in many forms that challenge me to own what I know and what I am learning.
  • I surround myself with smart, fun people who collaborate and problem solve, reliably and expertly.
  • As I cross one edge another appears (one computer lesson leads to another!).
  • Even well resourced organizations make mistakes that require sole proprietors to sort out.

What did you learn today?

Enjoy the weekend!