Friday, October 31, 2008

The Next 60 Years

The family is gathering this weekend to celebrate my parents-in-law 60th wedding anniversary. 60 years is incredible! When I think of their 60 years of marriage I think it must have been joyous and fun along the way...a lifetime of memories created and shared dreams realized...a lifetime of adjustment, rising to challenges, resolved conflicts, apologizing, ignoring, moving on. There is a humor and an elegance to them. Certainly topping the greatest hits list must be the family they created and the togetherness warmly shared. When I reflect upon positive role models in my life, my parents-in-law are at the top of the list.

There is a lot to being in relationship. We are in relationship always! Think about it. And at the moment I am intrigued by the will to keep going when marriage (and other relationships) gets tough. I notice in myself and my clients the ease with which we give up. What do you know about giving up? What do you notice about yourself when things are tough? Where does determination and perseverance come from? What is that spark that pulls people together and keeps them together in relationship? What do you know about that spark when it is extinguished? What's next for you in relationship?

For me, the theme for the weekend is relationship--celebrating others in relationship and celebrating being in relationship. It's pretty awesome.

Enjoy the weekend (and Congratulations Neshalee!).
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