Monday, May 18, 2009

Cyberbully Pulpit

My son was bullied by some middle school classmates via the Internet (here is our story). As a result, we became educated, resourced, and passionate about the issue of cyberbullying and the effect it has on our kids. It is a huge problem in American schools! One of the best resources out there is from the experts at Children Online. Open their May 09 newsletter for the latest research data and analysis about kids and their Internet use.


Most adults aren't aware cyberbullying exists or that it is as widespread as it is. Now that you are aware, what do you notice? If you know your kids (or the kids of friends or family) are being cyberbullied or are cyberbullying, what holds you back from taking action? What is the correlation between a kid's right to privacy and an adult's responsibility to be informed and engaged?

Read. Consider. Take action!