Monday, June 22, 2009

Wisdom in the Piles

I have been working to clear my desk of some untended filing and unsorted scraps and have been rather struck by the wisdom in the piles. I have to wonder... is there something to the word mess occupying a large part of the word message?

So, some of the wisdom I am receiving from the messages on my desk include:
  • "Quality...backed by a desire to please"--business card tag line
  • "Care you can believe in"--business card tag line
  • A scrap of paper from a hotel with a note that says "don't only be a conveyor of information; be a user of information. This is impact"
  • A note written on the back of a table place card capturing the theme of the talk when the rabbi was discussing Utility, Trust, Pleasure, and Virtue
  • A newspaper clipping listing resources for home pickling supplies. "Although pickling isn't difficult to do, you need the right equipment and the general idea of how to do it before you begin"
  • "Events to remember"--business card tag line
  • A typed paper with the following notation: "Make up your own philosophy. Invent your own story. Free up your own imagination. Create your own self. Perfect your own flaws. Follow your own evolution. Believe in your own team. See your own ability to change the world"
And then, as the little piles find their way into files or the shredder, I get a flash on my computer screen from the screen saver slide show with my favorite photo taken in the old train station in central Mumbai, India... and I am calm.

What's the mess in your message telling you?

Enjoy the week!