Monday, February 9, 2009

How Daring

I have been very interested in the news about Boston philanthropists Phillip and Susan Ragon and their $100 million donation to create a Center to lead the effort to create an AIDS vaccine. The project, being billed as a modern day "Apollo mission," is a research partnership between Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University, and MIT. Best of luck for a speedy discovery!

In another article in this morning's paper, the president of Harvard University, Drew Faust, declared the Ragons "have shown a level of understanding and daring that is rare in the world of philanthropy."


What is it to show a high level of understanding? And daring? What is so important to you, your partnerships, and your organization about which you show a high level of understanding and daring? What impact could we make if we were led by understanding and daring? How would the world be different if showing "understanding" and "daring" weren't "rare"? What will you try to understand today and then dare to demonstrate?

Have a great week!