Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I didn't like birthdays as a kid. Having a late August birthday was really sad as a child because everyone was on vacation and gathering a group of friends for a party was impossible. What was worse was being on vacation--usually camping in the forest--and getting an assortment of odd gifts ranging from pine cone art projects and trinkets from a local gift shop. I was given a plastic statue of a Canadian Mountie at my 11th birthday camping vacation party and it sat on my bedroom shelf well into college. It was pretty bad.

And somewhere in my early 20's it all changed. Birthday celebrations became about celebrating aging, being grateful to be alive, and growth! I enjoy the marker of my birthday for reflecting upon my life, seeing the direction it is going, and making adjustments. It is my own private "new year" and I do make resolutions!

Which days mark your life and how do you celebrate? What do you notice the celebration is about? What's next for you?