Sunday, August 24, 2008

Moving On

I have a client who was assisting a relative move this weekend and I was struck by this idea: When we move our stuff from one place to another we are often so consumed in the details of the move that we tend to ignore what a move is really about. I mean really about! It struck me how the act of moving can be such a great metaphor for the other kinds of movement in our lives—moving on, moving out, moving away from, moving toward something. Moving is so much more than boxes and trucks and paint and hanging pictures on the wall.

I wonder… what are you moving toward? What are the barriers blocking you? What are you moving from? What will you take with you (even unintentionally) from that place? What do you know about moving?

Have a great week!

(The photo above is of the cute Minneapolis home I sold 18 months ago when I moved to the Boston area. Little did I know then that my move to New England had very little to do with a new home, renovations, boxes, etc.)